Malawi: Man Claims to Have Obtained Degree in Healing From Heaven University

A 65 year old man, Notice Chafumbula of Kafula Village in Dowa claims to have a degree in healing.

The other degrees which he obtained from heaven in 2015 at a University called Chescori Sasa Somiley.

Chafumbula explained that he was taken to heaven in 2015, where God sent him to school to learn healing and serving which he was told is his purpose for living.

“I was praying and fasting at a hill when an angel appeared and took me to heaven. God told me that he wanted to give me what He had created me for. I was trained for eight days and I received 191 degrees one of them being the degree of healing,” he claimed.

Chafumbula said that there are 747 diseases in the world all of which he could heal instantly and challenges the people to go for tests at hospitals after the healing for confirmation that they have indeed been healed.

“I was taught that there are 747 diseases in this world and I was taught and given power to heal all of them for free. I therefore, heal even those who do not have faith because I am a child of God and I do not play around. I go around even in hospitals and when I put my hands on the sick, God speaks instantly” he said.

Apart from the degree in healing, he says that he got a degree in knowing God’s language, a Degree in knowing God’s wisdom which creates anything just through word which is a degree called Crisoria and many others.

The 65 year old man claims that he was refined in a gold refinery, he was given fruits of the tree of life and apart from the degrees and was given several powers such as power to remove leaders from their positions, to kill with words, to make war and desolate with the mouth and even to destroy hills.

Chafumbula said that he came back clothed with power to save people, and he has hence healed the sick and he has even raised the dead.

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