Malawi: Women Lawyers Call for Acceptance of Malawi Election Case Verdict

Women Lawyers Association of Malawi has added to the calls for Malawians to accept and respect the ruling of the court on the deputed May 21, 2019 presidential elections results case.

Women Lawyers Association members

The association’s Coordinator for Research and Advocacy, Bernadette Malunga said this in an interview after conclusion of the court’s hearing of the case on Friday morning.

Malunga said Malawians should remain patient while maintaining peace during the tense period as the court moves closer to giving its verdict on the case that has been running since August 8, 2019.

“As we all know that courts work independently, and in the end the judges will have to give a ruling based on the evidence and the provisions of the applicable laws.

“As such, Malawians need to prepare to accept and respect the ruling that the court will make once all the remaining procedures are finalised,” Malunga said.

Malunga also called on all the stakeholders to encourage their constituents to respect the outcome of the case regardless of whether it will be in their favour or not.

“Our interest in this case as women lawyers comes in because the case involves the issue of human rights of everyone, including women and children,” she said.

She further said her association, which joined the case as Friends of Court because the matter involves human rights of all Malawians including women and children, had been impressed with how the hearing of the case had progressed, given the large volumes of documents that the court had to consider.