Zimbabwe: Madzibaba Andby Moves to Curb Rape Culture in Churches

Leader of Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect Andby Makururu has made a sensational statement, declaring that institutionalised rape is rampant in most Apostolic sects. The famous prophet made the startling declaration ashe affirmed his determination to destroy child marriages within religious groups.

Recently, Makururu led members of his church and other denominations in a march in Mutare that was meant to raise awareness against child marriages and drug abuse by the youths.

The man of God is expected to lead a similar march in Harare this month.

Makururu through his Ruvheneko Rwenyenyedzi Trust (RRT) promised to transform indigenous churches to suit global trends and values, chief among them safeguarding the girl child.

“We have institutionalised rape in the white garment churches,” Makururu told Standard Style.

“If we want to take into consideration the definition of rape and child marriages, rape is defined as having sexual intercourse without one ‘s consent.

If you marry a 15-year-old girl, l don’t think it would be by consent.

“We are also saying the Kingdom of heaven we are following has got a physical and spiritual disposition, there are some issues that can be addressed in physical terms.

“For example, if a person comes to our church with a broken leg we advise him to go to the hospital and seek medication.